Mileage for service in Washington

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The linked charts show the Minimum Driving Distances on Washington State Highways from the MCMS office to the Destination City.

The Washington State Highway system includes FERRY routes. Mileages listed marked "Ferry" include 0 miles for the distance traversed by the Ferry. For example, Seattle is listed at 38 miles. This includes road miles from MCMS office to Bremerton, and 0 miles for Ferry crossing between Bremerton and Seattle (Ferry crossing time 60 minutes plus 30 minutes load/unload). If the Ferry is out of service or the schedule is a problem, it is approximately 78 miles by road to Seattle. If all goes well on a particular trip, the travel time is about the same, whether by ferry or by road.

Ferry schedules are subject to frequent adjustments due to individual boats being out of service, docks being out of service, and weather conditions. Most ferries carry full loads of commuters on the morning and afternoon runs. The ferries are heavily used in the summer months by vacationers.

There are some locations in the state that require Ferry travel, such as the various islands. For other locations, Ferry travel may offer a faster journey. The major highways of the state are heavily congested, with average speed on I-5 between Olympia and Seattle frequently being 35 mph (the posted speed limit is 60 mph). Heavy weather in the winter and vacation travelers in the summer frequently combine to stop all forward movement on the east-west highways over the mountain passes.